Art is a powerful form of expressions for me.I think it is also expression for those who buy it and own it. Art expresses feelings, emotions, hopes, beliefs. The difference between bare walls and beautiful decorated walls gives the scene to eyes.It is sign of life on lifeless walls. We see art work in many offices, hotels, homes, etc it makes the environment pleasant.I think the visual appealing art also radiates the personality , ability, creativity,inspiration, insight, technical mastery, lifestyle, thinking, attitude.

Art is not just drawing some lines on the canvas and fill it with some colors . It is more then that . Only artist knows how he/she make the one master piece, how it is difficult for him/ her to paint whatever is in his mind  & catch the point.

I paint using water color, oil    ,digital painting, photography , drawing.

It was my hobby in start to draw sketches & painting . Whenever i had free time i start painting . After , with few years gap i again started painting. I decorate walls of my house with my art. I love to fill the empty space of wall with beautiful painted frames.

It doesn’t matter that why not i utilize my skills for some beautiful purpose, for the cause of humanity.

Everyone’s life is a book … so i will shuffle the pages gradually..

I read whatever inspires me that’s why most of the time here i spend on reading articles whatever there on websites if it touches my heart i stop there. I like to gather information on any topic , it increases my knowledge too.And i think there is a lot of things for learning from everyone’s experiences .But we take the lesson only when we experience .

I love to read and write about various topics, in order to seek knowledge and also share it with others.That’s why you can read about various topic on my blog.


19 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for liking my post. I have tried to go into your art site but there is nothing there. Would love to see more of your art work. I think the two above are beautiful.


  2. Hey,
    thankyou for following me and liking my page and posts.
    Happy to add an artist like you in my list and getting acknowledged about you.
    I will go through your page as soon as m free,
    for sure.
    Not to forget: 1st painting is fab…indeed.
    happy new year n belated birthday dear.
    God bless,


  3. You have a real talent. Just wanted to say thank you for kindly liking and following my blog. I am excited to return and learn more about yours soon.
    Kind Regards


  4. Thanks for viewing and liking my post. Your art is unique, and it’s a wonderful idea to use it for the benefit of others.


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