14 Reasons to Drink more water


Drinking more water is beneficial because it:

  1. Balance body temperature
  2. Controls weight
  3. Maintain body fluids
  4. Kidney functions well
  5. Moisturize and hydrate skin
  6. Fuel muscles
  7. Loss fatigue
  8. Refresh and alert mind
  9. Boost brain
  10. Protection against cancer
  11. Prevent  from headaches
  12. Energize
  13. Remove toxicity
  14. relieve congestion.

This post is sort of reminder to drink more water for my readers and myself too.



Author: artisticeden

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22 thoughts on “14 Reasons to Drink more water”

  1. We are mostly water. We die after 3 days without water. We need water to digest our food. So many reasons why I can’t change a glass o water for a soda. Thank you for giving me 14 more :).

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  2. I am TERRIBLE at this. I suffer from serious fatigue and drinking more water could probably really help me. But just like taking supplements and remembering to take my antidepressants routinely I slip up much to my own detriment. Thanks for the reminder! I’ll go pour myself a glass!

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  3. I need to drink more water! I go through phases where I either drink so much in like a week or hardly any! Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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